Nested Transmuter Cycle
March 18 - May 27, 2017

Nested Transmuter Cycle presents a site-specific installation that uses a combination of generative light, sound, and electronics embedded within a digitally fabricated sculpture. Describing their process as “working with a visual world and a sonic world intermixed”, MSHR continues to explore the expanding space between the digital and physical through sculpture, sound, and print works.

The viewer is enveloped in sounds and light emitting from a macro scale analog computer scattering the gallery floor. The installation’s sound output runs a feedback system of incandescent light bulbs and lasers via a color organ, electromechanical devices built to represent sound in a visual medium. Through a multi sensory execution, Nested Transmuter Cycle replicates the consumption of the digital world and our growing inability to identify the boundaries between the physical and the digital.

MSHR’s work appears courtesy of the artist and Upfor Gallery.

This exhibition is supported, in part, by an award from 4Culture.

Photos by Joe Freeman