Interstitial Announces Closure

A letter from Director Julia Greenway

After nearly 4 years and 25 site-specific installations in our Georgetown galley space, it has come time for me to announce the closure of Interstitial. Tabita Reziare’s Deep Down Tidal will be the final exhibition and the gallery will permanently close on July 1st, 2018.

As of fall 2018, I will be relocating to London to pursue an MFA in Curating with Goldsmiths at the University of London. I felt that Interstitial could not continue at its current capacity without my presence in Seattle. However, I will continue to advocate for artists working in digital mediums, helping them become more visible within institutions, collections, and with the public at large.

Interstitial was founded out of necessity. The city lacked dedicated venues for showing time-based artwork and this necessity is still very much felt. It’s not easy for me to close the doors of Interstitial, knowing that one less space will be available for the work of the artists that I deeply believe in.

As its director for the last three and half years, Interstitial became an extension of myself and body. I built every new wall, applied a fresh coat of paint to the floor between each exhibition, and provided my artists with all the possible resources I could to support them in executing their work. Interstitial’s gallery space was the first consistent opportunity for me to establish my curatorial voice. Its closure is a loss for me too.

There are so many people that made Interstitial what it is today. My extensive gratitude goes out to those who supported Interstitial financially through donations and granting platforms. In addition to Interstitial’s patrons both near and far, thank you for your trust, encouragement, and unwavering appreciation for my programming.

Thank you,
Julia Greenway

Please visit our Acknowledgments Page to learn about those who directly impacted and sustained the organization.